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Welcome to Dentist Hungary Flythensmile!

Important …Irish Clients should note the following.

It is possible for VHI’s (Ireland’s largest medical insurance provider) DeCare Dental Insurance to accept dental claims for work performed by dentists in Budapest. As with all claim related or benefit queries and to insure that the work you would like to have done is covered by your insurance you should contact DeCare Dental in advance of making your travel arrangements. DeCare Dental Insurance can be contacted by phone on 353 9493-72277 and their web site address is www.ddii.ie

Brand new TESTIMONIAL from Norway:

First rate consultation in both our cases. (My mother and me) Full explanations and options were provided.
Excellent care and compassion during our treatment. Highly professional approach to ensure best available
results meeting all our requirements.

My old teeth were short and were nearly not visible when I smiled, the new crowns are fantastic lengthened the
crowns so they now can be seen when I’m smiling and talking,
I’m so pleased with the results and how natural my teeth look. It's also been a great boost to my confidence.
I would like to thank you for the amazing work you have carried out on my teeth,
Thank you so much for my beautiful new smile!
Highly recommended.

Warm regards,
Nina Dees Hansen

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Welcome to Flythensmile Dental Service Budapest!
What will a UK Dentist give you that a Budapest Dentist won't?


.... a card telling you to come back for your appointment, at a time that suits the dentist not you, to pay a price without competition, for a service that is built around the Dentist.

If you have the crazy idea that you would like service of your dental treatment to build around you, what you want, what you can afford and when you want to have treatment, then I highly recommend that you contact Andrea here pictured with
Dr. Nelly who did my work..

Andrea is on Ecademy.com ·and a very friendly person so get in contact.

For all of you one-person-bands out there, oral health is connected to your overall health.

How are Dental Health and Heart Disease Related?. So you need to take care of yourself. If you haven't been to the dentist for some time and you know you need some work, then contact Andrea and come to Budapest and get yourself sorted in a couple of days. Even with the travel costs you will save significant time, cost and money compared to treatment in the UK.

As I say the service is built around you and your needs. Andrea works with a number of Dentists and Dental Surgeons in Budapest so no matter how complicated your requirements they can be met in here... All to the highest standards care with the best equipment.

Check it out!

Time is money. If you need one filling, sure the savings from travelling overseas will not be worth it. However if you combine it with a holiday, or as most people travelling here do, or you need quite a bit of treatment, then you do end up saving thousands. Ridiculous is a strong word, its a choice and one around 35,000 Britons a year are taking.

Dental Tourism:
The figures issued by a famous Irish health tourism website shows that 35,000 Britons a year are travelling abroad for dental work.

This number is expected to increase in the next year to between 52,500 and 70,000.

Tourists are apparently saving an average of £3,745.

The typical value of overseas dental treatments on the website was £2,200 before travel costs. The same treatment here would cost around £5,945.

And I was able to get appointments at evenings and weekends without surcharge, which I doubt I could do in the UK, which means I could still get paid for the day and have my treatment, this is what suited me.

Mark Mandel

I'm here to help you: Andrea Turcsanyi

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